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The Buccaneer defense was up to the challenge against a potent Anna offense.

Friday, Oct. 26, 2001 – ANNA
The Covington Buccaneers put the finishing touches on another perfect regular season with a 21-7 victory over Anna. This is the first time in school history that the Buccaneers have recorded two 10-0 regular seasons in a row. This is also the first time the Buccaneers have reached the playoffs three years in a row.

The game started out shaky for the Buccs. Anna controlled the first half with a balanced offensive attack and solid defense. The Buccs were held scoreless in the first half for the first time all season and went into the locker room trailing 7-0.

The Buccs opened it up in the second half. Sparked by a long run by Josh Burelison, the Buccs scored on their first drive in the third quarter on a 2 yard run by Boomer Schmidt. The extra point failed which made the score 7-6. The Buccs’ defense held on the next series and Dusty Blythe connected with Mike Molesky for the score. The two-point conversion was good and the Buccs were up 14-7.

The Buccs put the final touches on the dominating second half by scoring again in the fourth quarter on a Josh Burelison run up the middle. The extra point gave the Buccs a 21-7 win and sole possession of the Cross County Conference Championship for the second consecutive year.

Burelison Is Crunch Time
Big play after big play. Touchdown after touchdown. He’s been doing it for three years for the Covington Buccaneers. When you think you’ve seen it all, he does something else that blows your mind. Josh Burelison is only 5’9″ and 155 pounds but he is pure dynamite.

Tonight against Anna the Buccs were struggling on offense through two quarters and were in desperate need of a big play. What do they do? They give it to the smallest guy on the field. Burelison takes the hand-off and squirts through a crease in the left side of the line. He jukes the first defender and it’s off to the races. Fifty-three yards later the Buccs are in scoring position and have instant momentum. Six points later the Buccs trail 7-6.

On the Buccs next possession Burelison again gets the call. Again he breaks loose for a long gain to set up a Buccaneer touchdown pass from Dusty Blythe to Mike Molesky and the Buccs go up 14-7.

After Anna’s defense stiffened in the fourth quarter the Buccs were looking to put the game out of reach. Who do they turn to? Josh Burelison. He takes the pitch and bounces to the outside only to cut the play back up the middle. A few missed tackles by Anna defenders and Burelison is in the end zone for his 22nd touchdown of the year. Buccs close the show 21-7.

Setting The Standard
The Covington teams of the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s set a standard that is hard to match or top. Consider, the 60’s saw the Buccs finish 10-0 in ’60 and ’68, 9-1 in ’65, 8-2 in ’69 and 7-2 in ’61, ’62, and ,64. In the 70’s, the Buccs had teams finish 10-0 in ’73, 10-1-1 in ’79, 9-1 in ’74 and ’78 and 8-2 in ’70. The Buccaneers of the 80’s had two dominant teams in the 10-1-1 ’80 team and the 11-2 ’85 team. A deep tradition of success had been established but the teams of the late 80’s and early to mid 90’s fell on rough times.

The Buccaneers of the past three years are reestablishing the tradition and setting their own standards which will be hard to match in the future. The Buccs have won 31 games and only lost 3 in the past three years. They have lost only 1 regular season game since the beginning of the ’99 season. Counting this season, the Buccs have reached the playoffs three years in a row and have recorded a school record back-to-back unbeaten regular seasons. Whose behind the success of the Buccs? Coach Ted Peacock and his staff.

Coach Peacock and his staff have established an identity for Buccs football. That identity is hard-nosed, smash-mouth football. They have built a solid program that consists of hard work and dedication all year long. The players buy into his teachings and the program itself. The way the players play on the field is a resemblance of the man who runs the show.

Covington coach Ted Peacock thanks senior Mike Stephan for joining the program in his final year of high school. Stephan is a standout wrestler for the Buccaneers as well.

Mike Stephan is a senior. Mike Stephan is also a rookie. What, you ask? He’s a senior and a rookie? How could that be?

Mike is in his first year of football and the coaching staff is thrilled. Better late than never.

Despite never playing football prior to this season, Coach Peacock and his staff have been begging Mike to give it a try and thank God he accepted the opportunity. Mike has been a pleasant surprise to Bucc fans who probably never heard of him unless they follow wrestling.

Being standout wrestler has helped Mike establish a dominating presence at nose tackle. Filling the shoes of last year’s nose tackle Bubby Bubeck is no small task but Mike has filled #57’s shoes quite well and made a name for himself on the football field. His athletic ability is evident because of the fact he has been so successful.

Tonight against Anna, Mike saved his best for last. With the Buccs holding a 14-7 lead Mike intercepted an Anna pass to stop a potential scoring drive and put the Buccs in position for their final score. As he came off of the field Coach Peacock cut him off and grabbed him like a long lost friend. Only Mike and Coach Peacock knows what was said but you can probably guess Coach Peacock was letting him know how thrilled he was to finally have him on the team.

Ted Peacock enjoys another 10-0 season with his wife Ann.