The Covington Buccaneers have now recorded three straight 1-9 seasons, making supporters wonder when things will turn around.

1991 Covington Buccaneers: Top Row - Scott Albright, Casey Minnich, Nathan Manning, Jason Studebaker, Mike Richard, Doug Wolaver, Jason Kyzer, Mike Gray, Joe Shefbuch, Tony Alexander, Kris Alexander. Row 3 – Coach Roger Craft, Coach Steve Dunn, Jason Wackler, Rob Jacquemin, John Schilling, John Wagner, Phil Gessner, Chad Westfall, Corey Turner, Greg Vandegrift, Larry Brown, Coach Doug Swartz, Tracy Draving, Head Coach Dave Tobias. Row 2 - Dale White, Shon Schaffer, Todd Burkett, Steve Poast, Chris Saunders, Eric Vanderhorst, Darrell Hite, Pat Kittle, Wally Dysinger, Jeremy Laughman, Wesley Boothe, Pat McKibben. Sitting - Wyatt Lee, Todd Vanderhorst, Steve Brown, Chad Ingle, Jimmy Finfrock, Wesley Wackler, Jason Dysinger, Ward Bell, Ben Garber.
Dave Tobias

The past three season have been, without a doubt, the most frustrating era of Covington football. Only three wins in 30 games has drastically affected the attendance and left the Buccaneer faithful wondering when things will be turned around.

Covington dropped its first six games of the season by the combined score of 27 to 110, including three shutout losses at the hands of Bradford, 12-0; Tri-County North, 35-0; and Arcanum, 21-0.

But, the Buccs did have a chance to win three of those games as they held tough against National Trail, 15-13; Bethel, 7-6; and Mississinawa Valley, 21-8.

In the loss to Mississinawa Valley, Covington led the Blackhawks in every statistical category, but couldn’t convert enough points for the win.

The Buccs’ lone win came in week seven against Lakeside Danbury, 12-8.

Unfortunately, the 12 points Covington scored against Lakeside was the last points they would score over the remainder of the season as the last three games were shutout losses.

Second year coach Dave Tobias has been stressing tradition, leadership, and cohesiveness as indicated by his comments in the 1992 yearbook:

“The 1991 football campaign is hard to summarize. The Buccs were faced with many problems, namely injuries, this season. During the season the defense played well, getting recognition in newspapers with their statistical marks. Pass defense was ranked either first or second most of the season allowing 74 yards per game. Rushing defense finished tenth in the area allowing 175 yards per game. However, the Buccs defense yielded a respectable 134 yards per game throughout the first seven contests.

Offensively, the Buccs didn’t fare well. Their biggest game did occur against a then undefeated Mississinawa Valley team. The Buccs rolled up impressive stats, beating the Blackhawks in all but one category – scoring.

So what lies in the future for Buccaneer football? Team speed was missed dearly on offense, but I believe that “Team” concept and leadership are ingredients lacking even more. The players that pal around tggether, play well together, and you don’t see football players in the off-season playing pick-up games or even throwing the football back-and-forth. Yes, it does take eleven players working together, not five or seven, but eleven athletes working cohesively as a unit toward one goal – re-establishing Buccaneer Pride and Tradition. Hey, football players…What have you done lately?”

– Coach Tobias

For the Buccs to turn things around, the players have to buy into Tobias’ philosophy of working together toward one goal. Tobias knows. He’s been there.

Patt Kittle runs the ball for Covington.

Winning or losing sporting competitions is one thing, but losing a classmate, teammate, brother and son is way more heartbreaking. Covington lost Pat Kittle, a senior on the 1991 football team, in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver in another vehicle. The accident also took the lives of three other Covington students who will never be forgotten by those who were blessed to know them.

The Covington community lost long-time supporter Dr. Robert L. Girouard,. A tow doctor, Dr. Girouard often volunteered his time to help Covington athletes by given them physicals and spent much of his free time attending sporting events. Not only did he help student/athletes with his time, Dr. Girouard was always very giving in regards to donating money to help Covington athletics excel.

1991 BUCCS - 1-9





National Trail


Tri-County North




Mississinawa Valley




Lakeside Danbury




Miami East




Captains: Chris Saunders, Eric Vanderhorst, Darrell Hite, and Pat Kittle.
Seniors: Row 1 - Todd Burkett, Steve Post, Chris Saunders, Eric Vanderhorst, Darrell Hit, Pat Kittle, Wally Dysinger, Wesley Boothe. Row 2 - John Wagner, Phil Gessner, Shon Schaffer, Jeremy Laughman, Chad Westfall, Tracy Draving.
Returning Letterman: Row 1 - Brad Weer, Mike Gray, Wesley Boothe, Ron Jacquemin. Row 2 - Larry Brown, Chris Saunders, Eric Vandershorst, Darrell Hite, Pat Kittle.
Coaches: Roger Craft, Steve Dunn, Head Coach Dave Tobias, Doug Swartz.