The 1948 Buccaneers finished with a winning record in just their second season of football.

1948 Covington Buccaneers: Row 1 - Richard Hemm, Ed Nolan, Richard Ellis, Bill Collins, Joel Phillips, Don Whitman, Joe Bosserman, Jack Farling. Row 2 - Burr Simpson, coach, Bill Langston, Dave Beard, Don Via, Dick Supinger, Leroy Anderson, Dick Minnich, Jim McConnell, Harold Deeter, Asst. coach. Row 3 - Carl Reck, Jr. manager, Wayne Wise, Tom Hill, Jim Ellis, David Mote, Dick O'Roark, Jack Looker, John Phillips, Dean Finfrock, Sr. manager. Abesent - Kay Kimmel, Tom Finfrock.

It didn’t take long for Burr Simpson to turn the Covington football program into winners. In just the second season of existence, the Covington Buccaneers finished with a winning record of 5 wins, two losses, and 2 ties.

On September 17, 1948 the Covington Buccaneers started their second year of football with St. John’s coming to Smith Field for a tough game which ended with a score of 27-12 in the Buccs’ favor.

The Buccs then went to the road as they traveled to face Piqua Catholic. A change of venue had no impact on the Buccs as they took home a 26-0 victory.

After a 6-6 tie to Brookville, Covington suffered its only two losses of the season in back-to-back games. First, the Buccs fell to Trotwood 33-12, and then West Milton handed them a 51-7 defeat.

Covington got back into the win column twice more as they defeated Bradford 26-6 and Randolph 26-13.

Covington finished the season on November 12 by traveling to Versailles for a tie of 6-6. The Buccs only lost two games this season, to Trotwood and West Milton. This fact speaks well for the boys and also our coaches, Mr. Simpson and Mr. Deeter.

This being only the second year of football in Covington High the boys did a fine job and showed much improvement over last year.

The Buccaneers piled up 149 points to the opponents 135, with 84 of those points surrendered to Trotwood and West Milton.

The lineup for this years team is as follows:
Left end – Jack Farling; left tackle – Joe Bosserman; left guard – Don Whitman; center – Bill Collins; right quard – Richard Ellis or Tom Hill; right tackle – Eddie Nolan; right end – Richard Hemm; quarterback – Dick Supinger; left halfback – Tom Finfrock; right halfback – David Beard; fullback – Don Via

(Images obtained from the 1949 Covington High School Yearbook.)

1948 BUCCS - 5-2-2



St. John




Piqua Catholic






West Milton








Buccaneer quarterback Dick Supinger scrambles for extra yardage.
Buccaneer back Dick Minnich follows a block for a long gain.
Homecoming: Center, Queen and her escort, Dean Finfrock. To the right: Joan Adams and Tom Fletcher, Betty Warner and Pete Forror. To the left: Eileen Derr and Dean Kline, Nancy Fessler and Kenneth Wackler.