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Buccaneer lineman pave the way for quarterback Jerry Fessler on a keeper.

October 28, 1960 – Bradford
Coach Blair Irvin’s Covington Buccaneers copped the Legion’s trophy, broke their old scoring record, thrilled a large crowd and trampled the Bradford Railroaders, 80-0, last night to ruin Bradford’s Homecoming. The powerful Buccaneers capitalized on seven interceptions and one fumble to break the back of their close rival.

The Railroaders changed their offense completely from a “T” to a spread formation and a single wing with an unbalanced line, but were unable to score.

Don Canan, the Railroaders’ leading scorer, was in the game for only a half dozen plays. Canan is suffering from an injury received last week.

Tom Iddings, the Buccaneer’s right end, was injured Friday night in the second half. His leg injury may sideline him for the remainder of the season.

Don Canan received the opening kickoff for the Railroaders on the 15-yard line and carried to the 26. On the first play from scrimmage, the jittery Bradford team went to the spread formation in an attempt to confuse the Buccs’ defense. Butch Hart passed incomplete on first down and ran the ball to the 35-yard line on second down.

Hart received the pass from center on the next play and faded back to pass. He had several Covington defenders breathing down his back when he tossed the pigskin downfield. The pass was short and Doug Murray, Covington’s speedy halfback, intercepted the ball and ran it to the Railroaders’ 37-yard line. Five plays later, Murray carried the pigskin over the goal line from four yards out to give Covington a 6-0 lead with only 3:05 gone in the game.

The Railroaders were forced to punt on their next series of downs. Kerry Reeser kicked to the 40, but a 15-yard penalty moved the ball back into Bradford territory. The Buccs took over on the 28 and three plays later, big Bob Hartley was in the end zone. Hartley ran the extra point and the powerful Buccs led 14-0.

Bradford received the kickoff for the third time and Kerry Reeser worked his way to the 32-yard line. On first down the Railroaders gave the Buccs their third break of the game by fumbling on their own 26-yard line. Tom Iddings recovered the fumble and two plays later, Doug Murray was in the end zone again. Hartley ran for points-after to give Covington a 22-0 lead at the end of the first period.

Bradford started a drive after receiving the kickoff. The Railroaders had the ball on their own 35-yard line. Hart attempted to pass on first down, but was rushed by Doug Murray and Tom Iddings who forced him to throw incomplete. On the next play, John Holsinger threw the Bradford quarterback for a loss, but on the following play the Railroaders were given a break.

An Interference penalty was called on Covington and the Railroaders had a first down on their own 49. After gaining another first down, Butch Hart hit Tom Aultman with a pass to the 25, but a fumble in the backfield and a tough Covington defense kept them from penetrating any deeper into Covington territory.

After the drive was halted by the Buccs, the Railroaders seemed to lose their steam. Coach Good substituted freely the rest of the first half, playing almost everyone on the team.

Covington Coach Blair Irvin sent his second team into the game toward the end of the first half and Roger Looker scored after Dave Wimmer had intercepted a pass from Bradford’s third string quarterback, Gary Godfrey. Wimmer’s intercepted the ball and carried to the 25-yard and carried to the five. Looker took the ball over on the next play to give the Buccs a 46-0 lead at the half.

Bradford gambled on a fourth down situation on their own 30-yard line after Hart fumbled two times in a row. Kerry Reeser went back to punt, but instead passed to Ron Shafer on the 49 for a first down. Hart hit Tom Aultman on the next play, but time ran out before they could get another play off.

Covington gave Bradford a chance to score in the third quarter when they fumbled at their own 20, but Bradford tried a pass on first down and Gordon McMaken intercepted the ball at the 10 and ran it all the way to the goal, 90 yards away. However, a clipping penalty brought the ball back to Bradford’s 37-yard line.

The Buccs’ second team took over and drove through the Bradford defense for 20 yards. The Railroaders dug in and took over on downs.

The first teams came back onto the field and Doug Murray intercepted another pass from Butch Hart and took it 26 yards for the seventh touchdown. Hartkey passed to Murray for points-after, giving the Buccs a 54-0 lead.

Tom Iddings, right end for Covington, was injured on the play and had to leave the game. The extent of his injury was known as of Friday night.

At the end of the third quarter the score was 60-0 in favor of the hard-fighting Covington eleven.

The last period was played by the second teams. Terry Richard, 4-foot 4-inch halfback for the Railroaders, matched his running skills with Covington’s Dave Wimmer, Roger Looker and Larry Wise.

Covington scored 20 points in the final quarter to break all the scoring records the Buccs set last season. They have amassed 442 points so far this season and 1,054 points in their last 26 games. Their opponents have only scored 19 points this year and 131 points in 26 games.

Covington racked up 362 rushing yards compared to 5 for Bradford. The Railroaders gained 129 yards on eight kickoff returns.

Covington passes four times and completed two for 44 yards passing. The Railroaders passed 23 times and connected on 6 for 76 yards. Covington intercepted 7 of the Railroaders’ passes and ran one back for a touchdown.

Covington was penalized 45 yards and Bradford 30 yards.

Covington rolled to 19 first downs, Miami East 5… the Buccs threw 5 passes, completed two, while the Vikings went to the air 22 times, completed 7 and had two stolen… Covington lost 55 yards via penalties, Miami East 10.

Covington’s Doug Murray #34 races past Bradford’s Steve Griffith #62 for a long gain.