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Doug Murray finds room to run in the open field.

September 30, 1960 – Covington
The higher the moon rises, the faster flowed the tide…Coach Blair Irvin’s White Tide, in the form of the Covington Buccaneers, who Friday night displayed an early surge of power, fashioned three touchdowns in less than five minutes, gave way to the second team before the end of the first period, and hung up their fourth consecutive football victory, 54-0 at the expense of Warren County’s Carlisle Indians.

The Irvin Express, despite a seven touchdown assault, can claim no more glory than the defensive unit, which held Carlisle powerless, limited them to five first downs (two of which came with the aid of penalties) and notched their third shut-out in four performances. The Indians executed but 51 plays from scrimmage, 10 of which were from punt formation.

The Buccaneers opened the scoring gate on the seventh play following the kick-off. Fullback Bob Hartley’s 21-yard blast and subsequent pass to Tom Iddings for conversion points netted Covington an 8-0 lead. Four plays later scatback Doug Murray’s 65-yard punt return lengthened the margin to 14-0 as a pass conversion play was broken up. Blair’s blitzkreig play covered 35 yards and a touchdown. Hartley swept right side for points after, and Ccovington commanded 22-0; all three touchdowns consuming only four minutes and 40 seconds. The varsity was sent to the bench with three minutes remaining in the first quarter.

Early in the second period, Gordon McMaken carried a Carlisle punt 49 yards to the Indian’s 15. Three plays later he was in the end zone, Hartley had bulled around right end and Covington was out in front 30-0. Murray’s tricky 16-yard sprint and Hartley’s third successful end sweep ended the first half scoring as the teams took their halftime break with Covington on the long end of a 38-0 score.

With six and a half minutes gone in the third period, McMaken scored again from the two, Hartley crashed through the center of the line, extending the score to 46-0. Ironically, the Buccs’ final tally came from the defensive standpoint when left guard Danny Cottrell intercepted and Indian aerial and galloped 40 yards for the touchdown. Hartley again skirted the right side to give the Buccs a 54-0 third period lead which was maintained for the remainder of the contest.

Covington garnered 18 first downs, Carlisle 5…The Buccs threw 4 passes, completed 1; the Indians attempted 15 aerials, completed 4 and had one intercepted. Covington lost 50 yards via penalties, Carlisle 45… Bob Hartley’s booming kickoff gave the Buccs a vital advantage… The downfield blocking on kickoff and punt returns is something like magic…the ability and desire is obvious…they all play together. Next week…at Germantown.

Covington’s Tom Iddings #88 and Sam Bashore #66 block a punt against Carlisle.