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Josh Burelison and the Buccaneers played with passion in honor of teammate John Starry.

COVINGTON – Every year, the first game of the season brings so much excitement to players and fans alike. The anticipation of seeing just how good the new team will be is enough to get anyone excited.

This year’s season opener, however, lacked the anticipation and excitement that usually comes this time of year.

The reason, the entire town of Covington had John Starry on its minds. John was critically injured earlier in the week in an automobile accident and is currently fighting for his life.

The Buccs played the game for John, dedicating the victory to him. They played with emotion and passion, thrashing the visiting Vikings 49-7.

Josh Burelison started the Buccs off early with an 11-yard touchdown run after Covington drove easily down the field on its first drive.

By the end of the first quarter, Burelison scored three touchdowns and had the Buccs up 21-0.

Burelison continued his destruction of the Vikings with two more touchdowns by games end, one from 50 yards.

Aaron Hollopeter and Mike Cope also chipped in by each scoring touchdowns. Hollopeter’s touchdown was a 52-yard run late in the game.

After the victory the Buccs’ attention turned to John Starry.

The entire Buccs team gathered together at midfield to pray for their injured teammate in hopes for a speedy recovery.

Normally a team with a win like this would be excited and jubilant but this team was quiet and subdued. The fact that they won the game didn’t seem important at all.

Covington hosts National Trail next Friday.

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