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April 30, 2003 – COVINGTON
After listening for nearly 45 minutes to members of the community, parents and players, the Covington Board of Education voted 5-0 to hire Kevin Finfrock as head coach of the Covington football program. Finfrock becomes the 14th head coach in Buccaneer history and follows the incredibly successful legacy of the recently retired Ted Peacock.

“This is great,” commented Covington quarterback, Brady Reck. “Coach Finfrock is the coach we want and the right man for the job. That’s why we are all here.”

Brady was one of eight football players to speak in front of the board in support of Finfrock. They all touched on his dedication to the game and how much they admire him as a coach. They emphasized his passion and love for all of the players and the positive impact coach Finfrock has had on their lives the past three years.

Numerous parents and supporters spoke to the board as well. One parent stressed the importance of tradition and how coach Finfrock embodies the tradition of Covington football through his playing days in Covington and his recent experiences as an assistant.

Another parent stressed the importance of the legacy of the current Buccaneer team, their 39-1 record and the potential for the upcoming seniors to finish their high school careers at 40-0. “These kids have a record going that is theirs to lose and Kevin Finfrock was a major part of that success in the past and should continue to be a part of the future success,” mentioned one parent.

Also speaking to members of the board was retired coach Ted Peacock. Peacock touched on the relationships built between the players and the coaching staff, which included Kevin Finfrock. Coach Peacock also gave his full recommendation to the hiring of Kevin Finfrock to be his predecessor.

“He’s the right man for the job,” commented coach Peacock. “I’ve never been around a coach that is more passionate about the game. He is a young, knowledgeable coach and he is the one who should lead the program into the future. Look at the support he’s receiving. It’s unbelievable.”

Once the open discussion was completed the board went into executive session for nearly an hour before reconvening. As the attending supporters set quietly in the packed board of education office, the five board members rattled off their votes of “Yes” in rapid fashion. Once the fifth vote was submitted the room erupted in joy. The front three rows, consisting on mostly football players, rose to their feet and applauded while the rest of the room joined in approval of the decision.

Coach Finfrock wasn’t able to attend the board meeting, but was notified of the decision by his parents immediately after the decision was made.

“I’m touched by the support I received,” said coach Finfrock. “This is something I’ve always dreamed about. I’ve coached as an assistant for many years and now to become head coach at Covington, a school where I played my high school ball, it’s a great honor.”

The support coach Finfrock received was indicative of the importance of high school football in the town of Covington. Many people donate many hours of their time to support the program and Covington athletics in general. The board’s decision was in a sense, the decision of the community that backs Covington athletics. This support touches coach Finfrock deeply.

“I want you to put this on the site and I really mean this,” continued coach Finfrock. “The support I received there tonight will stay with me as long as I’m coaching at Covington. Even if there are times when the program is not going in the direction I want it to go, I want all of those people that showed up tonight to know that I am very touched and grateful for their support. It means a lot to me to know that the kids and the parents are behind me. This is a great day for me and I owe it all to them.”

It’s also a great day for Covington football!