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Josh Burelison and the Buccaneers score a will until turning the game over to the junior varsity early in the third quarter.

Friday, Oct. 12, 2001 – COVINGTON
People who were not at the game will look at the 79-0 shellacking the Buccs gave the visiting Railroaders and criticize Covington for running up the score.

In actuality, the Buccs never ran up the score at all. Covington was just too good for a Bradford team that is struggling with their confidence.

The Buccs scored at will on the Railroaders. By the end of the first quarter, the Buccs had a 20-0 lead. At halftime, the Buccs led 40-0.

The varsity then played one series in the third quarter which resulted in another score to make it 47-0.

The reserves took over for the Buccs and the results were the same. Consisting of mostly sophomores and freshman, the reserves scored the first three times they touched the ball.

It’s not that the Buccs were trying to put up as many points as they could. The coaches can’t just tell the players to fall down when they are in the open field. The players have to continue to play. Bradford even helped the Buccs by giving them a short field to work with.

After Bradford decided to go for a first down on 4th and 11 from inside their own 30 yard line, the Buccs scored again to make it 79-0.

Twice in the fourth quarter Bradford went for it on 4th down from inside their own 30 and failed.

The Buccs did what they had to do; continue to play and play hard. That’s what they are taught to do; play hard at all times. The moment a player slacks off, someone gets hurt.

Let’s just hope the Bradford players keep their heads up. They will have their day in the sun.

Until then, the Buccs continue to roll through the regular season unbeaten. They are 8-0 overall and 7-0 in the CCC.

They host Tri-County North next week and then travel to Anna in a game that will decide the CCC championship and perhaps the Buccs’ playoff destiny.

Captain Crunch…
Anyone who has stood on the sideline and witnessed a Mike Molesky tackle can attest to how impressive it is to hear the impact. Mike himself has probably rung his own bell a time or two.

Mike not only hits hard he plays the game very well. He is probably the Buccs’ most surest tackling player on defense. It’s a rarity to see Mike miss a tackle, even in the open field.

The play this season that signifies Mike Molesky’s play is the interception return by Jordan Shafer against Ansonia earlier in the year. As Shafer cut back to the middle of the field, Molesky planted a block on an opposing player that sent the player head over heals. Molesky didn’t get all of the glory but he got his pound of flesh.

Boomer Schmidt scores uncontested in the first half.