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Cousins John Boehringer #50 and Butch Boehringer #81 are a two man wrecking crew for the Covington Buccaneers.

COVINGTON – John Boehringer has a little Mark Gastineau in him and it’s all the time wanting to get out.

Ask where to find Boehringer in the confusion of a post-game locker room celebration and a teammate will tell you to just look for “the mouth.” Ask an op­ponent on the wrong side of a Boehringer tackle about him and you might not get a printable response.

The 5-11, 197-pound senior resembles the leader of the New York Sack Exchange in the way he rushes the passer, but mainly in the way he reacts to the big plays.

For example: it’s late in the first quarter of last weekend’s 35-0 Covington win over Southeastern in the Division V, Region 20 playoffs and the Buccs have just scored to make it 14-0.

On Southeastern’s first play following the kickoff, Boehringer breaks through the line en route to a quarterback sack and a loss of six yards. As soon as the play ends Boehringer springs off the ground, throws his arms into the air and starts jumping around.

Gastineau revisited.

“I like to get other players up and I like to psyche out the other team,” Boehringer said. “It works pretty good, at least in getting our players up. I like that.”

John Boehringer tosses down Southeastern quarterback Tim Sullivan last Saturday.

Saturday the Buccaneers take on Middletown Fenwick for the regional title at 7:30 pm at Dayton’s Welcome Stadium. Fenwick has been to the playoffs nine times and is making its fourth straight appearance. Being psyched out should not be a problem for the Buccs.

Last weekend it was Boehringer and his defensive cohorts who led the Buccaneers’ rout, holding the Southeastern offense to less than five yards of total offense. Boehringer, who doubles as the team’s starting center on offense, was a key factor along with his cousin, defensive end Butch Boehringer, and the rest of the Buccs’ defense.

“We’re real close,” Boehringer said of his relationship with his cousin. “Butch is a good ball player. He’s always there when you need him. The whole team was there (Saturday). Everybody deserves credit.”

Boehringer takes it upon himself to be Covington’s battery charger, the guy who keeps the team ready.

“We usually go out like we’re ready to play, but sometimes we aren’t really psyched up,” he said. “So I go out and start hitting people in the helmet and getting them psyched up. I think it helps a lot.”

Covington coach Charlie Burgbacher doesn’t mind the emotions spilling out on the field, as long as everybody keeps their head in the game.

“I think a lot of kids kind of get into that type of thing,” he said. “It shows the enthusiasm.”

“I think it’s kind of easy to get John charged up. Each kid has his own personality and is motivated in different ways. I think John can be motivated by talking to him, while other kids might be motivated through silence. Each kid is a little different.”

Boehringer has held down the starting nose guard position for two years. He enjoys defense and likes to make big plays, something he’s been able to do this year.

“I think that’s the nature of the position,” Burgbacher said. “The middle guard can go a lot of ways to making things happen. “He’s going against a guy who first has to snap the ball, so sometimes they have to double team him (nose guard). The Nose guard can be a catalyst for a defense, a person who’s going to make things happen.”

Covington’s defense has made things happen all season in holding teams to just 66 points and posting four shutouts. And with an offense scoring 32 points a game that makes for good balance.

Boehringer believes one reason this Covington team has fared so well is the closeness of the players. The team has a lot of veterans who have played together for a long time.

“We figured we’d do decent (this year),” Boehringer said. “We’ve been together for about nine years – since Little Buccs (pee wee football). Each year we seem to get better and better.”

The goal for now is to get better each week. At least with Boehringer around there’s not much chance of a letdown.

“I’m outgoing and I’m always ready for upcoming games,” he said. “Somebody has to get the team up. It might as well be me.”

John Boehringer lifts his cousin Butch Boehringer into the air during last Saturday’s playoff win over Southeastern.